The Issues

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Terry Gauthier for Montana Senate

Creating a better job environment where
Montana families can thrive and grow
      *As a business owner, Terry knows what it takes to attract new businesses to our area, creating new high paying jobs     
*Terry will work towards eliminating government overreach,
which hampers entrepreneurship and business growth
   *Utilize Montana’s natural resources to keep Montana taxes low,
while still funding education, infrastructure and the Montana way of life
      * Montana has a wealth of natural resources.  Terry is committed to responsibly harvesting Montana’s natural resources to create new jobs to benefit our communities and Montana’s hard-working families
     * Terry will work to continue using Montana states natural resources to help fund education, infrastructure and long term job growth for
today, tomorrow and future generations to come.
 *As a future Montana State legislature, Terry's intention is to keep
Montana a safe and secure place to live and a raise a family 
     *Terry understands that Montanans don’t feel as safe as they once did.  
Terry will work to make sure our laws are not weakened or circumvented,
putting our familie's and communitie's safety at risk
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